OncoAlert Colloquium 2020

OncoAlert Colloquium 2020 – watch the presentations here!

VJOncology is delighted to have collaborated with the OncoAlert Network to bring our audience all of the presentations from the first annual OncoAlert Colloquium held in December 2020.

This end of year wrap-up brought together an expert faculty to present the biggest findings and changes to clinical practice in oncology from 2020.

Day 1: GI Cancer & MASCC Session

Intro – Gil Morgan
Gastric & esophageal – Yelena Janjigian
Pancreatic Cancer – Mark Lewis
Colon Cancer – Cathy Eng
Advocacy Viewpoints – Manju George
Neurological Complications – Maryam Lustberg
Financial Toxicity –  Raymond Chan
Digital Health – Florian Scotte

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Day 2: Lung Cancer & SIOG Session

Intro – Gil Morgan
SCLC – Stephen Lie
Radiation Oncology in LC – Henning Willers
LC Screening – Lecia Sequist
Patient viewpoint – Jill Feldmen
GeriOnc & Policy – Ravi Kanesvaran
GeriOnc – Nicolo Battisti

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Day 3: Breast Cancer

Intro – Gil Morgan
Advanced BC-  Erika Hamilton
Early BC – Matteo Lambertini
Advocacy: What 2020 BC Research Means for Patient Advocates – Julia Maues & Maimah Karmo
Advanced TNBC – Hope Rugo
Early TNBC – Sara Tolaney
BC Radiotherapy – Icro Meattini

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Day 4: Gyne, I-O, Sarcomas & Lymphomas

Intro – Gil Morgan
Ovarian Cancer – Don Dizon
Immunotherapies – John Haanen
Sarcomas – Jon Trent
Lymphomas – Raul Cordoba
Liquid Biopsies – Christian Rolfo

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Day 5: GU Cancers

Intro – Gil Morgan
Renal Cell Carcinoma –  Toni Choueiri
Bladder Cancer – Andrea Apolo
Prostate Cancer – Neeraj Agarwal
Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy – Sean McBride
FDA Round-up – Gil Morgan
Oncology, Social Media & COVID-19 – Gil Morgan

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